How do you celebrate life's milestones?

Major events in people's lives are often complex.


There's the celebration of the joy of a new beginning, but also the bittersweet ending of something else.

So what do you give ...


  • The work colleague, who makes your day, but just announced he's retiring.

  • An older woman selling the home where she raised her kids.

  • The nursing student getting her degree.

  • The single mom who loves her children, but is going through a tough time.

For that, you need a customized, personal gift that tells the recipient you really care.

The one question I help clients answer is how to express themselves to their loved ones.


I have a knack for capturing people and places. Always have. It's just what I do.

So why do I do this work? 


I do it to help people. I make an emotional connection with my clients. When you look through the pages of my commissioned drawings, you don't just see illustrations, you see stories ...

A good drawing tells a story.

Scroll through these pages and you will come to know:


  • A woman watching the birds from the window of the home she lived in for 50 years.

  • A young bride's love for her new husband as they move into their new home.

  • The poignant memory of a pet's unconditional love.

  • A couple looking back on the stone wall and garage Dad built with his own hands.

  • A family remembering their grandma.

Clients commission me to do drawings for these occasions and more, because a customized drawing is the ultimate personal, thoughtful gift.

Let me help you tell their story.

I am always moved when a client tells me that the person they gave the drawing to burst into tears when they opened up the package and saw the drawing. That shows a serious emotional connection between the drawing and the recipient. And it shows that you, as the giver of that drawing, get what that person is feeling.

I'm in the business of helping people. I'm here to help you express your thoughtfulness. Even in a tough situation. Especially in a tough situation. Because people love it when you show you care.

Feel free to scroll these pages, and get in touch with any questions. I'm here to help.

Email me a jpeg and I’ll do a drawing ... together
we can make a keepsake.

Amy was retiring, and this hand drawn caricature that was custom made for her surprised and delighted her.

How to reach me


164 Winthrop St.

Framingham, MA 01702

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