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Types of drawings & how to get the best results.
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I do custom drawings of homes, pets, portraits & caricatures, and book illustrations. I love what I do, so I draw each illustration meticulously, capturing the personality of the subject.

Types of drawings.

How to get the best results.

The best drawings come from in-focus, well-lit photographs. Please send me the view you would like, and several detailed, up-close shots of any special elements you want included. If you want window boxes, if you have an angled porch, etc., send me shots of those so I can see what's going on.

Because I'm drawing freehand, every drawing has imperfections. That's what makes freehand so much more original looking and personal than digital. Full-color drawings are 8x10 or 11x17 and fit any standard frame with an opening that size.

Email me a few pics for a proper cost estimate.

Home in MetroWest, MA

Poor resolution and diffused lighting in the 1st photo means important details are lost. Strong lighting in the photo of the 2nd home makes it easier to see detail.

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