Hi, I'm Marianne Orlando,
a freelance illustrator in
Framingham, MA!


Need an idea for an unusual gift? Check out my work.


I create portraits of people, pets, and even homes from my Framingham, MA, studio. My commissioned drawings make memorable gifts, and I also sell my original fine art on greeting cards.

I get my inspiration from my training as a landscape architect and from Nature -- Like the sun, plants and butterflies.

My drawings are perfect for ....


• graduations

• weddings

• christenings

• retirement gifts

• any special event!

Most of my work is done by commission. All of it is freehand.


Here's how it works: Email me a few pics from your smartphone, and you'll get a custom, personalized drawing -- a memorable gift.

Free cost estimates on request.

Email me a jpeg and I’ll do a drawing ... together
we can make a keepsake.

How to Reach Me


164 Winthrop St.

Framingham, MA 01702