Hi, I'm Marianne Orlando,
a freelance illustrator in Framingham, MA!


I founded my business in 2016, and provide illustrations to people who ...

• have birthdays

• celebrate anniversaries

• get married

• have babies

• retire

• go through tough times

• downsize

• buy their first home

• mourn the loss of a pet

• mourn the loss of a loved one

In short, just about anybody.


So let me introduce myself:


My name is Marianne, I grew up in Concord, MA, and now work out of my studio in Framingham, just outside Boston. 


I got my master's degree from the University of Michigan and worked in the corporate world for 45 years. So, when it comes to deadlines, pouring my heart and soul into my work, or attention to detail, I get it.

Why hire an illustrator?

My clients come to me because they're perplexed about what to give a loved one, how to show their thoughtfulness to that person or family.

I specialize in custom, made-to-order drawings -- be it homes, pet portraits, people portraits, or even book & blog illustrations. It's not unusual that a person presented with a personalized illustration for, say, their home bursts into tears when they open the package and see their drawing.

Giving a custom drawing shows that you're thoughtful and you care. That's something that can't be bought in stores and only you can give.

A customized drawing is the ultimate thoughtful gift.

To find out more, please get in touch.


Email me a jpeg and I’ll do a drawing for you ... together we can make a keepsake for someone you love (or even yourself).

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 At 62 I founded this business. I'm here to help create the ultimate thoughtful gift. 

How to reach me

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164 Winthrop St.

Framingham, MA 01702

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