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Hi, I'm Marianne Orlando,
a freelance illustrator in Framingham, MA!


I've been working professionally as an illustrator since 2016, and provide custom drawings to people who ...

• have birthdays

• get married

• have babies

• retire

• go through tough times

• downsize

• mourn the loss of a pet or loved one

In short, just about anybody. So let me introduce myself:


My name is Marianne, I grew up in Concord, MA, and now work out of my studio in Framingham, just outside Boston. 

Unlike lots of other artists, I have 30+ years of experience working in the corporate world. So, when it comes to deadlines, pouring my heart and soul into my work, or attention to detail, I get it.

Why hire an illustrator?

A custom drawing is the ultimate memento -- whether it's home portraits, pet portraits, people portraits, or even book & blog illustrations.


To find out more, please get in touch.


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How to reach me

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164 Winthrop St.

Framingham, MA 01702

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Retirement Gift
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