• Marianne Orlando

Not All Studios Are Alike

Some people believe that creative people (you can insert “artists” here) can’t meet deadlines. That they can’t focus. Or that they are super perfectionists who keep working and working on a project, never finishing because it isn’t perfect.

Truth is that some creative people can be deadline driven. Respect clients’ deadlines and use their time efficiently. Focus on creating the best possible work, knowing if they do their best, they will have succeeded.

I fall into that second category. I worked for years in marketing and landscape architecture. In the corporate world, I produced proposals, performed exacting proofreading, and worked alongside civil engineers doing site design.

That gave me the tools, experience, and mindset to manage my time, and produce top quality drawings for my clients that meet deadlines. I'm known for my whimsical drawings, and yet, my work skills are 60% analytical and 40% creative.

Please consider hiring me if you have an idea for a customized, personal gift that is super memorable. Contact me at for a free cost estimate.

Thank you.

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