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She Was Floored.

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Hi, I'm a freelance artist working in Framingham. Here's a story about one of my drawings ...

Musical theater productions are ephemeral. Once the production is over, the set is torn down, and just a few hours after the last show, there's nothing left of all that hard work and talent. So, there's a tradition to present the hardworking director of a play a gift to commemorate their latest production.

Concord Players commissioned me to do a caricature of the cast (18 people(!)) of Amadeus -- one of their many outstanding productions. When the director got the drawing at the cast party, she was floored by the picture and super appreciative! It's not unusual for a person react this way when she receives a customized, personal drawing.

That's why I do this. To help people celebrate life's milestones through commissioned drawings of homes, pets and people. To learn more about me and my work, visit Thank you.

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