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The Creative Chronicles

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I knew I would be an illustrator back when I was 4. I've always wanted to tell stories with pictures and words. My parents said it wasn't a real way to make a living, so I squelched the idea. #PassionateArtist #ButArtIsntPractical

Fast forward to 2016. After a solid year of meditation for a half-hour every morning with my husband, I experienced an explosion of creativity. #MeditationIsTransforming

My meditation practice was not based on traditional technique. My mind is too active and constantly noticing my surroundings to focus on slowing the breath. Instead, I recited inspirational passages from Christian to Buddhist spiritual traditions silently to myself with the vague, general idea of allowing creativity back into my life. #ThereAreManyPaths

Over time, this became an intention. I put out the the Universe "I want to be creative again." #PutItOutToTheUniverse

And, after a solid year, it began to happen. #PowerOfPrayer #BostonArtist

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