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There Is Value in What You Love

Updated: May 21, 2020

Just because something comes easily to you doesn't mean it doesn't have any value.

This is a lesson that took me years to learn.

As a kid I could draw from memory -- all the lines, the gestures, the expressions on people's faces flowed out from my pen. I didn't even need to do a rough draft. What came out was a finished, thoughtfully composed drawing. It came easily.

Truth is, in the past I would give away my drawings as gifts to friends and not even keep a copy for myself. I didn't value them. I thought 'Geez, anybody can do this stuff.'

Not the case, as I found out after picking up a pen again for the first time in many, many decades.

I came to realize the value of my drawings when I saw some of my drawings from the '70s posted on Facebook. I had 2 thoughts: (1) Gee, they really value my stuff. They've had it hanging in their home for decades and (2) How the heck did I ever do that? #ListenToYourGut

I started to draw again, but I had lost my chops. That's when I realized that Not Everyone Can Draw. #PracticeMakesPerfect

Here's a birthday card I made for my dad back in the days when I could crank out a drawing in a matter of minutes.

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